CISC has extended the capabilities of its NFC Interoperability Test Systems by adding a high amount of new readers as Qualifying Equipment (QE).

Last month NFC made another great step forward and is now a de-facto part of every new smartphone. Since September 2017, iOS 11 is as well as Android supporting the NFC reader mode in addition to the card emulation mode resulting in full NFC support. The NFC ecosystem is characterized by the availability of hundreds of different reader. There are even hundreds of EMVCo approved NFC enabled POS terminals available.

CISC is following this with high attention for more than 5 years now. In the continuous effort to stay up-to-date with the latest market developments, the CISC NFC Interoperability Test Laboratory has been further improved in 2017:

  • Extension of payment-application-focused (EMVCo) setup by two additional terminal plates / 12 EMVCo approved readers
  • Extension of originally 5 plates with 33 readers to now 7 plates with 45 readers
  • Extension with focus on terminals that are frequently found on the US market, some models also covering the Asian market.

For best NFC device interoperability in payment applications CISC offers NFC Interoperability Test Services for DUTs (Device Under Test) that either are provided with payment applet, or support any CISC UICC with preinstalled payment applet. Quick understanding and analysis of test results is supported by:

  • Fully automatic test execution and logging
  • Reports with graphical representation of results
  • Optional debugging (to understand issues) and optimization support
  • In addition to payment applications, tests for P2P, mobile-2-card, Felica and transport applications are provided as well.

Recently added readers are:

  • ams AS3911B EMVCo Ref
  • Sisoul Dongle
  • FEIG cVEND box+
  • OTI Saturn 6700
  • Payco Signpad
  • Duali DE-631
  • Ingenico iCT220
  • UIC Bezel 8
  • Verifone MX925 CTLS
  • Ingenico iSMP companion
  • Verifone VX820
  • Equinox L5300s

For all supported products and further information, please see or contact us.