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24 05, 2017

Josef Preishuber-Pflügl reports on UHF RFID regulations in Europe

May 24th, 2017|Blog, Events|0 Comments

On May 17+18 the LPRA Radio Solutions Conference was hosted by Nedap in Groenlo, The Netherlands. CISC CTO Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, also Vice-Chairman of ETSI ERM TG 34 RFID updated the audience from RFID and SRD industry, as well as regulatory authorities from FCC, ETSI and CEPT ECO about the current status of UHF RFID in Europe [...]

27 02, 2017

G&D VISA Mobile Payment Application – A reliable reference

February 27th, 2017|Blog, News, Tech Talk|0 Comments

CISC Semiconductor is working on NFC Interoperability testing and is providing both test equipment and test services since 2012. In the last five years of testing all levels of NFC performance with the different mobile phones, NFC chipsets, smart cards and NFC terminals have been seen. G&D UICCs have always played an important role in [...]

23 02, 2017

CISC is exhibiting at IOT Suzhou, China from March 29-31, 2017

February 23rd, 2017|Events|0 Comments

CISC will exhibit its latest full comprehensive UHF RFID test equipment for ISO/IEC 18000-63, EPC Gen2V2, RAIN RFID and also Chinese standards like GB/T 29768 at the Internet of Things exhibition in Suzhou near Shanghai, China. The CISC RFID Xplorer is ONE device in ONE suitcase and covers all UHF RFID tests: Tag performance tests Tag [...]

17 02, 2017

The NFC challenge with the high performance variations of Mobile Phones

February 17th, 2017|Blog, Tech Talk|0 Comments

The CISC NFC Interoperability Test Lab offers interoperability and performance tests for NFC enabled devices. Providing test services for payment terminals, NFC enabled mobile phones and smart cards, CISC has a long successful history with many key players in the industry. Manfred Jantscher, leader of the NFC Interoperability Test Lab, reports that there is an [...]

24 01, 2017

CISC RFID Xplorer – ONE DEVICE in your hand for ALL RFID measurements

January 24th, 2017|News|3 Comments

Leveraging the UHF RFID test and measurement expertise CISC advanced the CISC RFID Xplorer with latest SDR (software defined radio) technology and software to a new level of UHF RFID / RAIN RFID / EPC Gen2 / ISO/IEC 18000-63 measurement capabilities. CISC has launched a single device putting all you need for RFID tests and [...]

9 09, 2016

How to hold an UHF RFID tag

September 9th, 2016|Blog|0 Comments

How to hold a UHF RFID tag In general UHF RFID tags are very sensitive to water. The human body is mainly consisting of water an therefore detunes a UHF RFID in a similar way. However, as most tags are dipoles the center is less sensitive. So holding a tag in the [...]

27 06, 2016

UHF RFID 915-921 MHz Band in Europe

June 27th, 2016|Blog, Tech Talk|0 Comments

In edition 3-2016 of the German magazine "ident - Das führende Anwendermagazin für Automatische Datenerfassung & Identifikation" you can find an article about UHF RFID 915-921 MHz Band in Europe. Read about the new possibilities to save some money with avoiding the expensive and extensive modules of the ER-GSM techonologies. UHF RFID 915-921 MHz Band [...]

24 06, 2016

RFID tomorrow, Düsseldorf (D) – 19+20 September 2016

June 24th, 2016|Events|0 Comments

On September 19th and 20th, 2016 the magazine "RFID im Blick" invites for the 6th time to a two-day expert congress in Düsseldorf, Germany. This is an event not to be missed by hardware experts, system integration specialists and all technology experts. Almost 2500 square meters will be fully dedicated to RFID and NFC - including [...]

21 06, 2016

Speech on performance optimization for RFID+NFC applications, Hsinchu (Taiwan) – 14 July 2016

June 21st, 2016|Events|0 Comments

Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, EVP, Business Manager RFID+NFC will speak on Optimizing performance - Ensure success of RFID+NFC applications at the workshop and exhibition of Grand Technology, Inc. in Hsinchu, Taiwan on 14 July 2016 CISC will exhibit its latest RFID test and measurement tools featuring the CISC RFID Xplorer reader tester. Contact us for workshop registration. The [...]

14 06, 2016

RFID+NFC Workshop by Giga Science and CISC Semiconductor, Shenzhen (CN) – 12 July 2016

June 14th, 2016|Events|0 Comments

RFID+NFC Workshop in Shenzhen, China CISC Semiconductor and Giga-Science jointly invite to a workshop on RFID+NFC measurements, testing and application development. Host: Giga-Science, Shenzhen, China Speakers: Terry Luo, President Giga-Science Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, EVP, Business Manager RFID+NFC Topics include: UHF RFID Standards and measurement methods ISO/IEC 18000-63 Type C EPCglobal Gen2V2 [...]

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