Deploying a RAIN RFID solution may  generate unforeseen complications. These are a result of either the RAIN RFID hardware (tag, readers and antenna) used or lack of understanding of the underlying RF topics. The hardware received from the distributors or from vendors is rarely evaluated again for performance and conformance. To add to that when an error appears we are unaware of the possible reasons for the error. In this webinar, we will cover some key aspects to consider when deploying a RAIN RFID solution.

You are invited!

Come join us for our upcoming webinar “Understanding essential RF topics for successful RAIN RFID deployment” on;

Thursday,September 5th, 1400 UTC (4 pm Vienna; 7 am Mountain View (CA))

Together we can look into some of the most important questions we should understand before deploying a RAIN RFID solution

  • What are some of the factors influencing the performance of RAIN RFID tags and readers?
  • How does backscatter power measurement influence tag selection?
  • What is EN 302 208 testing? How does it influence the tag selection?
  • Understanding the important aspects of the protocol layer.
  • What is meant by sensitivity in reader selection?

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