Vision+Mission Statement


CISC Semiconductor strives to offer its employees a surrounding that combines both, excellent quality of life and prospects to grow within an innovative company operating on an international scale. An optimum environment will stimulate the employees’ creativity and passion and generate maximum technical output. Thanks to CISC’s ability to fully exploit the herewith generated potentials, its flexibility and pro-active way of adapting to new developments, the company will thrive in the long term in a dynamic and constantly growing microelectronic market. Perfectly tailored products and services to our customers’ needs, the exceeding of customer expectations and long-term relationships with our clients are reflecting one of our core values: customer-orientation.

Products and Services

  • Our service portfolio includes professional development services and tools for product development within the field of embedded, heterogeneous microelectronic systems. Thanks to our expertise in the field of systems as well as automotive and RFID ‘item identification’, it is our declared aim to achieve leadership position.
  • Our activities are focused on system development and integration, modeling, virtual prototyping and the development of products to support such designs.
  • Our product range includes hardware emulators for rapid prototyping, application-related measuring tools and software that allows for new approaches in supporting methodology and design.We continue to demonstrate strong commitment in the field of international research and development projects.

Customers and Markets

  • We attach great importance to customer orientation. This means that on the one hand, we are committed to perfectly tailor our products and services to our customers’ needs, and that we are, on the other hand, also highly committed not only to achieve but to surpass our further horizons together with our customers.
  • Our customers will benefit through a long-term relationship with us. They will find CISC a reliable problem solver of highly professional standards. We relish the challenges of finding new solutions that will astonish and inspire our clients.
  • Articulated through their abilities, every single staff member communicates with the outside world. Our company culture and shared values are reflected by all our employees and we are proud to have achieved homogeneous external communication, despite the fact that every employee has their individual personality traits.

Employees and Management

  • The CISC team exclusively consists of talented and qualified people on university level and we attach great importance to above average educational results.
  • Our employees are supported in their development by active work-life balance solutions, which furthermore results in enhanced creativity. Only employees that are mentally free are able to find new approaches to solutions that will further satisfy our customers’ needs beyond their expectations.
  • Challenging tasks, flexibility, personal responsibility, the will to act independently and to show initiative form the basis for a fruitful long-term cooperation within our team. Our team activities are characterized by open-minded and respectful cooperation.
  • Human resources are one of our keys to a new technology drive. We believe in facing new challenges only with the help of highly qualified, motivated and contented staff. Therefore, our HR activities rely on the following pillars: protection of workplace, employee rights to participate in decisions, flexible modules as regards working hours, excellent opportunities for further educational training, diversity and gender equality of CISC staff and the creation of individual development perspectives for all our employees. Moreover we support our employees in combining work and family by means like working from home, flexible and self-organised work schedule, maternity and paternity leave, location independent work-style, and fostering an excellent working climate by mutual respect in our multi-cultural team, joint activities abroad, daily work and regular internal social events. Our efforts have been awarded in 2016 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Families and Youth with the certificate as a “family friendly” corporation.

Our Values

As company, as well as individuals, we value creativity, personal excellence, team work and reliability. We encourage diversity at our workplace and we are concerned about mutual respect and tolerance in daily interaction with our multinational customers, partners and co-workers. We are committed to our customers to be one step ahead of innovation and strive for quality and excellence.