CISC Semiconductor (CISC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Debangana Mukherjee to the Board of Directors of the Association for Automatic Identification & Mobility (AIM) North America (NA) chapter, an alliance enabling the cooperation, development, standardization of AIDC technologies. 

“CISC is committed towards enabling the growth and standardization of testing and verification of the RAIN RFID and NFC technology to benefit the technology providers and end-users alike. With my appointment to the board I am hoping to continue CISC’s commitment to foster cooperation with key technology players and help in the development of policies and standards benefiting the industry as a whole.” says Debangana on her new appointment.

“We appreciate the recognition of the work of Debangana in North America and it enforces CISC’s commitment to the American market.” confirms Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, CTO, Business Manager RFID+NFC CISC Semiconductor.

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