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Designing and producing hardware while fulfilling the steps of the required certification is a much more significant hurdle than releasing software for existing hardware and can become the major cost driver in a process. Different countries demand different certification parameters to allow a product to be sold on the market. CISC can help take the step from a prototype to a certifiable product and even set up a high-volume production of devices. CISC brings your ideas to life, no matter if they include hardware, electronics, software, Smartphone Apps, or Cloud applications. The outcome will be a sellable product.

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No matter, if you have a first rough idea of your product or already a working prototype, CISC can support you to ramp up a reliable high-volume production and take care of the certification (e.g. FCC certification, UL testing, and CE) of your product ready for being sold. CISC develops production testing environments customized for your product which automatically tests and monitors every produced piece to ensure a high quality.

Pre-certified modules ensure compatibility and lower the certification costs. The required paperwork and certification test setup, as well as the management of the certification test execution will also be handled by CISC, that a shipment-ready product will be the result.To ensure a long product-lifetime, CISC developed ways to monitor devices in the field and provide solutions to keep the software of the devices up-to-date and your devices beyond state-of-the art.


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