CISC Semiconductor is working on NFC Interoperability testing and is providing both test equipment and test services since 2012. In the last five years of testing all levels of NFC performance with the different mobile phones, NFC chipsets, smart cards and NFC terminals have been seen. G&D UICCs have always played an important role in this testing.

Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, CISC CTO stated “We are very happy to have Giesecke & Devrient as our partner for Secure Elements. Using G&D’s UICC with the preinstalled VISA Mobile Payment Application is always the reference to show that a supplied DUT, which is typically either a mobile phone or a terminal, is really meeting the key EMVCo requirements. It is a precondition that a device is validated successfully with G&D’s UICC before we can move forward to start interoperability testing”.

“We are proud of supplying Secure Elements, which are the benchmark for performance, functionality and interoperable NFC tests. The successful integration of our products into the long list of NFC enabled smartphones and tablets confirm the high quality of our products.” stated Michael Tagscherer, G&D Group Vice President Enterprise Security/OEM. “

The test results are only influenced by the RF performance or the Applet of the Secure Element. This gives the assurance to the OEM that no other factors have impact on the results.

Test result examples are available in a White Paper, which can be downloaded from More comprehensive results and with various mobile phones and individual tests are available on request.

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