We increase user acceptance of your new technologies

One of the key success factors of smart city and smart mobility concepts is the user acceptance of the new technologies. The involvement of the users since the early design phase is crucial and necessary as well as in functionality as in interface design.

Communities and service providers want that their products and services are widely used and perceived as comfortable and as safe. They have to provide real benefits by improving the quality of the life.

We analyze your target user needs, expectations and service requirements – and go beyond

To reach this goals we analyze in details which are the needs, the expectations and the requirements of the users and even go beyond. For instance technological developments may have differential effects on women and men, people with different cultural background or on particular groups of women and men.

Taking into account these features allow to uncover additional information about future options and possibilities which would be appreciated by the users.
Our methodology bases on:

We collect qualitative and quantitative data and analyse

We provide qualitative and quantitative data (according to the objectives) and when necessary we present them in a disaggregated way, e.g. by gender and by age.

We develop questionnaires, user forum, focus groups, interviews, field test and workshops
Our tailor-made services are intended to:

  • realize the best strategies for the users´ engagement
  • design a survey and/or a research with dedicated methods
  • study users´ beliefs and attitudes toward the technology and/or the service
  • increase the users´ acceptance
  • define guidelines, best practices and policy recommendations.

Our clients benefit not only of our know-how but also of our large experience gained in recent projects

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