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New Portable RAIN Xplorer Reader Checker for
Fast Performance Quality Verification

Detect reader failures and degradations in the field in seconds for a successful implemented RFID system

Klagenfurt, Austria, October 19, 2021 – CISC Semiconductor, a leading company for design and testing of wireless communication systems, launches a portable RAIN Xplorer Reader Checker today, which enables easier and faster on-site performance checks of readers for higher reliability of the implemented RFID system.

With the launch of the RAIN Xplorer Reader Checker, CISC is offering a testing tool that fits in every engineer’s pocket and makes it more flexible for on-site performance checks, particularly in a real environment such as hospitals, logistics, and retail applications. The device is easy to use by simply connecting the available up to four reader ports with the provided RF cables to check on pass/fail LED result indicator whether the reader transmit power and reader sensitivity fulfill the defined specification.  Additional features like the Windows-based UI allow in-depth root cause analysis of failing devices, as well as setting new test requirements for the quality control and field use. The Reader Checker is supporting RAIN RFID Air Interface, ISO/IEC 18000-63, and GS1 EPC Gen2 standards for best interoperability.

“We are the global innovation leader in sports timing. Our area of application pushes RFID technology to its limits. A reader that works absolutely flawlessly is essential for us”, says Nikias Klohr, CTO at Race Result. The Germany-based company was involved in the development and testing of the new device.  “With the RAIN Xplorer Reader Checker, we can quickly and easily check whether the readers in our decoders are OK. Especially, because the device is so small and handy, we can test dozens of rental devices in our warehouse in a short time.”

“Developing such a test pocket tool together with a leading RAIN RFID solution provider as Race Result was a key driver for the Reader Checker”, says Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, CTO and Business Manager of RFID+NFC at CISC. “Offering a simple test solution to all the engineers in the field, lab or production is important for us to support the trust and overall acceptance of RFID solutions.”

Upcoming Webinar, November 30

RaceResult and CISC joint webinar on CISC RAIN Xplorer Reader Checker will be held on November 30 at 03:00 pm CET.

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CISC Semiconductor is adding trust in a connected world by providing hardware and software solutions that enhance quality, security, privacy, performance, interoperability, and conformance in communication systems for markets like Automotive, Identification, Semiconductor, and Wireless Communication. CISC is a leading standardization consultant and an active member of the AIM Germany and North America, emi3, ETSI, IEC, ISO, NFC Forum, RAIN Alliance, and ARTEMIS Industry Association. CISC is headquartered in Klagenfurt, Austria, with subsidiaries in Graz and Mountain View (CA), USA.

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