The Tricks and Traps on Developing
NFC-Based WLC Solutions, March 25th

Webinar March 25th, 2021



Hannes Mock

Senior Design Engineer at CISC Semiconductor

Hannes Mock works as a Senior Design Engineer for CISC with several
years of experience in the semiconductor industry and a passion for
NFC technology. He is deeply involved in the NFC Forum where he leads
the Wireless Charging Task Force and serves as the editor of the
Test Specification for Wireless Charging.

The Tricks and Traps on Developing NFC-Based WLC Solutions

To succeed in the design for small battery-powered WLC devices like earbuds, stylus pens, fitness trackers, or sensor nodes some crucial parameters need to be considered. Antenna design plays a key role here and requires deep technical know-how. Webinar participants will learn how power and data work together in an NFC-based WLC System by finding the balance between power loss and data integrity.

In this webinar you will get:

  • Latest NFC Forum updates
  • NFC based WLC design insights
  • Overview of CISC´s WLC design service

The recorded version is available:




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