The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of National Chiao-Tung University, a Taiwan based university, has recently developed an RFID-based on-lens sensor system for noninvasive long-term intraocular pressure monitoring. The sensor IC, fabricated in a 0.18 µm CMOS process, consists of capacitive sensor readout circuitry, RFID communication circuits, and digital processing units. The sensor IC is integrated with electroplating capacitive sensors and a receiving antenna on the contact lens. The sensor IC can be wirelessly powered, communicate with RFID compatible equipment, and perform IOP measurement using on-lens capacitive sensor continuously from a 2 cm distance. The CISC RFID Xplorer has been used for a comprehensive evaluation of the prototype On-lens sensor. The test system has been used to support the design of the sensor’s wireless module. Click here for the full paper.