Neuss, Klagenfurt, 11. April 2018 – EECC, the market leader in the development of UHF RFID tag performance test methodology and CISC the leading supplier of UHF RFID measurement and test solutions have decided to collaborate to intensify research on the role of RFID in Internet of Things (IoT). Both the companies are pioneers in the field of UHF testing and measurements. Their previous collaboration have resulted in the establishment of globally recognized tag performance metrics that have played an influential role in the optimization and further development of UHF RFID tags. EECC also publishes the world’s leading RFID benchmark report; UTPS, annually in which different tags are tested for their quality and their performance in various applications. The goal of the current collaboration between EECC and CISC is to provide transparent measurement scenarios, methodology and results to support and help the rapidly developing Auto ID technology.

The full press release is available in English (EN) and German (DE).