RAIN RFID Software Test Tool

RAIN Xplorer Spy is a versatile software to make general USB RF receivers a comprehensive RAIN air interface spy.

Quickly Evaluate RAIN Communication

CISC is offering the RAIN Xplorer Spy as a versatile tool to quickly evaluate RAIN reader-tag communication. It takes the advantage of using common DVB-T+DAB+FM USB dongles as wide-band USB RF receivers, which allows verifying tag and reader command content and timing. Furthermore, it supports a quick evaluation of the reader software and reports issues that could result in functionality issues or performance degradation of an application.

Key Benefits

  • Analyse and solve reader-tag communication problems
  • Match reader and tags properly for any environment
  • Portable and ready to use everywhere at any time (analyze on the “Go”)
  • Record data of reader-tag-behaviours at different sites and environments
  • Easily exchange recorded files
  • Flexible licencing subscription options (1 to 12 months)
  • Software, application and conformance check

Key Features

  • Spy functionality for a quick visualization of reader-tag issues
  • File-Management to save recordings 
  • Advanced Communication Analysis 
  • Conformance tester 
  • GS1 EPC Gen2 
  • ISO/IEC 18000-63 
  • RAIN RFID Air interface

The CISC RAIN Xplorer Spy is a portable and very flexible solution for RF communication analysis. That is why the software is purchased online here and the required hardware (please see below) is purchased on your own to be most flexible regarding customs, shipment time and costs.

Required Hardware

The CISC RAIN Xplorer Spy software works with wide-band RTL2832U + Rafael Micro R82xx receivers, which are integrated into common DVB-T+DAB+FM USB / RTL-SDR dongles. The used RTL-SDR software driver turns such dongle into a complex waveform digital receiver without any required hardware modification.

Required is also an antenna for the considered RAIN frequency band, typically from 860 – 960 MHz. Different dongles available for example at Amazon, such as e.g. from RTL-SDR Blog as as well as for the antenna e.g. from Uxcell.

Buy Xplorer Spy Modules

The CISC RAIN Xplorer Spy offers various modules from standard features up to premium options for RF communication analysis. Our modules are available for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months licenses.


starting from

€ 199

  • Spying of air interface signal (reader, tag)
  • Zoom into waveforms, modulation, and data
  • Triggering on commands or free-run mode
  • Decoding of commands and responses
  • Timestamps and interval lengths of the selected command and response
  • Link and frame timing analysis
  • Joint time-frequency analysis


starting from

€ 299

  • All Standard features plus:
  • Recording of all data as .stm and .xml
  • Loading of recorded data and full analysis possibilities
  • Sharing of recorded data
  • Conformance check of timing, modulation, turn-around time, commands+responses and other signal parameters
  • Spectrum evaluation of the reader waveform and the tag response, incl. mask analysis in dense- or multiple reader environments
  • Tag response SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), command – response delay, modulation depth, rise time, fall time, duty cycle and pulse width


starting from

€ 790

  • All Advanced features plus:
  • Automated collision arbitration analysis including Q-value development over time with a number of responses, empty slots, collisions, and decoder failures
  • Fully automated analysis of select command parameters as Target, Action, and Memory Bank
  • Fully automated analysis including Query, QueryAdjust, and QueryRep parameters as Miller M, Session, Target, and Q
  • Slot usage statistic
  • Tag population identification distribution over time

Downloads of RAIN Xplorer Spy

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