RAIN RFID Software Test Tool

RAIN Xplorer Spy is a versatile software to make general USB RF receivers a comprehensive RAIN air interface spy. 

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Quickly Evaluate
RAIN Communication

CISC is offering the RAIN Xplorer Spy as a versatile tool to quickly evaluate RAIN reader-tag communication. It takes the advantage of using common DVB-T+DAB+FM USB dongles as wide-band USB RF receivers, which allows verifying tag and reader command content and timing. Furthermore, it supports a quick evaluation of the reader software and reports issues that could result in functionality issues or performance degradation of an application. 


Approved Functionality


The Advanced Communication Analysis and the Conformance Tester verify whether the application settings and protocol use make sense and are as intended by the application developer. A full conformance tester checks whether all communication between reader and tag is according to the RAIN air interface. 

Advanced communication analysis. – Identify communication issues instantly. 

Automated RF signal analysis. 

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