RAIN Xplorer reel2reel tester

CISC RAIN Xplorer reel2reel Tester machine serves for automatic testing of RAIN RFID tags on a reel at high speed. The hardware is compact, affordable and industrial grade machine. Quality Assurance testing, encoding and verification of your RFID label reels with one single machine. Both for RAIN and NFC labels.

 Key features

Typical test cases that reel2reel tester covers:

  • Sensitivity test
  • User-defined pass threshold
  • Go/No Go
  • Memory initialization
  • Memory verification
  • Test speed 18000 UUT
  • Fail marking options: Signal, log-file, ink-marking, dot label applicator, pause & manual replacement

                       RAIN Xplorer reel2reel tester


Supported protocol include
ISO/IEC 18000-63 / EPC UHF Gen 2V2 / RAIN RFID
• Read EPC number
• Read memory
• Write memory
• Multiple frequency (f) and power levels (P) pairs: (f,P)

Watch our latest demo on reel2reel tester:

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