RFID Field Recorder

RFID Field Recorder

The CISC RFID Field Recorder® measures and evaluates RF field setups of RFID systems and applications.

The CISC RFID Field Recorder® is a hardware tool to support the development of RFID applications and systems providing means for evaluation and recording of RF field data by placing the CISC RF Sensor Modules at the same positions where the RFID tags will be used in reality when applied onto goods or pallets. The recorded RF field characteristics provide evaluation information for prediction of intended reads (read rate) and unintended reads (false positive reads).

The CISC RF Sensor Module detects primarily the rectified voltage available by means of a tuned antenna. This voltage signal can be interpreted as the available power in the electromagnetic RF field at the spot of the RFID tags.The modular concept of this equipment allows use of various different CISC RF Sensor Modules for each of the CISC RFID Field Recorder channels.


Use cases

  • RFID setup real time measurement
  • RFID application / system design support
  • RFID application / system evaluation by measurement
  • Export for input to CISC RFID ASD (Application and System Design) Kit+Library


  • Measure RF field and environmental setup precisly
  • Make your RFID application work by exploring the right RF setup
  • Save money and time by finding the right field surrounding fast and correctly
  • Moveable with pallets and goods without cable connection (battery powered for handheld operations)
  • Seize applicability for worldwide UHF RFID standards and regulations
  • Use measurement results as data source for CISC RFID ASD simulation software
  • Full scalability for the parallel use of 1 to 16 CISC RF Sensor Modules

Software Features

  • Graphical data analysis via Field Recorder Toolkit
  • Menu-driven operating modes
  • Predefined adjustments
  • Customizable
  • Advanced power management
  • Web interface for remote supervision of the CISC RFID Field Recorder®
  • CISC RFID ASD (Application and System Design) Kit+Library data export
  • Various data download formats available (CSV, MATLAB)
  • Ethernet host connection

Hardware Features

  • Up to 16 sensor channels for up to 5 m distance between recorder and CISC RF Sensor Modules
  • 30,000 data samples per channel
  • Sampling rate 5,000 1/s means spatial resolution better than 2 mm (at max. speed of 10 m/s for the pallets)
  • Memory for 8 scans at 8 m path length with a speed of 10 m/s or even more scans with lower speed and lower resolution
  • Numerical keyboard with special function keys
  • LC display for handheld operations & status check

Application with CISC RFID Field Recorder

cisc_sensor_graphThe figure right shows a measurement scenario utilizing the CISC RFID Field Recorder and CISC RF Sensor Modules in order to find critical tag locations on a pallet. Original tags on the pallet are substituted by CISC RF Sensor Modules which are connected to the CISC RFID Field Recorder. The pallet is placed on a vehicle which is moved through the gate at constant velocity. The four gate antennas are transmitting a continuous unmodulated carrier wave (CW) during measurement. Only one antenna is active per measurement (run). The CISC RFID Field Recorder records the received signal strength from the Sensor Modules during the run.

cisc_senor_signalThe result left below shows the received signal strengths at the 15 positions on the pallet for a single measurement run. It is obvious that the received signals show different fading effects. The highest values occur usually when the pallet drives through the gate. It can be seen that the tags receive very different power from the RF field, which comes from the shadowing effects of the items on the pallet.

Modules and Options

Module Order Nr. Quantity*
CISC RFID Field Recorder Base Unit CISC-FRE-HW-000001-V01 1
CISC RFID Field Recorder Transport Unit CISC-FRE-HW-000002-V01 1
CISC RFID Field Recorder Power supply (12 V / 2 A) CISC-FRE-HW-000003-V01 1
CISC RF Sensor Module 860-960 MHz CISC-FRE-HW-000005-V01 16
Sensor Module Cable 1 m CISC-FRE-HW-000006-V01 4
Sensor Module Cable 2 m CISC-FRE-HW-000007-V01 4
Sensor Module Cable 3 m CISC-FRE-HW-000008-V01 4
Sensor Module Cable 5 m CISC-FRE-HW-000009-V01 4
CISC RFID Field Recorder Toolkit Version 3 CISC-FRE-SW-000001-V01 1

* Quantity for a Typical Configuration

Download Application Note: Measurement of RF Fields for Tags in RFID Portal Applications

Download Application Note: Analyzing RF Field Data with the Field Recorder Toolkit Version 2.0