cisc_comp_meetsCISC RFID MeETS is a National Instruments™ PXI and LabVIEW™ based RFID measurement solution. Customizable functionalities offer the user unique possibilities to get insight into the RFID technology.

Today manufacturers and system integrators in the RFID industry are confronted with many obstacles to establish the right products. Product vendors have to make sure that devices conform to international standards. End users face numerous performance challenges that they have to identify and understand in order to find the best suitable product (e.g. applied tags) for specific applications.

CISC RFID MeETS can be helpful in the product and application development, as well as in getting the ISO or EPCglobal compliance and certificates. The results can provide crucial data for your ongoing product development or establish a basis for creating a specification datasheet.


  • Performance & Conformance Tests
  • Tag and Reader Emulation
  • HF/NFC 13.56MHz
  • UHF 860 – 960MHz
  • All ISO and EPCglobal HF and UHF protocols
  • Customized Protocol 125kHz – 2.7GHz
  • Industrial standard of NI™ PXI and LabVIEW™


  • HF Tag Performance
  • HF Tag Conformance
  • UHF Tag Performance
  • UHF Tag Conformance
  • RFID Reader
  • System Communication

The tool features a fully automated evaluation of performance and properties of RFID tags, even if the tag is attached to product packaging. Conformance and performance testing of readers and tags is made possible by the implementation of full communication protocols, both for HF and UHF bands. The system provides measurement techniques for tests according ISO and EPCglobal™ standards.

MeETS is based on a modular HW and SW platform. This approach offers a tailored product to ensure that the system meets customer specific application requirements.

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Download Application Note: Determining performance characteristics of UHF transponders with CISC RFID MeETS

Download Datasheet: PXI Carrier Cancellation System

Download Datasheet: Impedance Converter for HF RFID tests