System Architect Designer (SyAD®)

SyAD Client InterfaceA tool for system simulation and design

SyAD® is a design and simulation framework for system design of heterogeneous microelectronic systems. SyAD® 2010 provides seamless design and integration of concurrent developed subsystems within an easy to use co-simulation framework.

SyAD® 2010 can be the platform to perform homogenous simulations, mixed signal / mixed level simulations, HW/SW co-simulations and integrate even non electrical components. SyAD® 2010 saves design time by leaving the models in their original environment and programming language.

Co-simulation framework

  • Generation of heterogeneous simulation environments
  • Connect all major simulators from EDA industry
  • One interface to control all simulators
  • HW / SW Co-simulation – FPGA or µC integration

System engineering data backbone

  • Client- Server structure with user rights management
  • Knowledge Management (documentation, datasheets,…)
  • Support cooperative design work
  • Multi chip / multi site design
  • EDA tool configuration facilities
  • IP library exchange and management

Multi-HDL Modeling environment

  • Development environment for multi-HDL modeling
  • Graphical editor for system configuration
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SyAD® Characteristics

CISC SyAD characteristicsSyAD® is a simulation framework for system design of heterogeneous microelectronic systems.

Most of the popular simulators from commercial EDA vendors can be used within this system. Furthermore, the SyAD® environment provides on demand a comprehensive IP library of simulation models for the most common hardware description languages.

The Simulation Framework Generator SFG – the core module of SyAD® – generates automatically all required simulation sources, simulator interfaces, configurations, control scripts and prepares all captured simulation results. The SFG’s control service selects the proper simulator instances and deducts a parallel and distributed co-simulation.

SyAD® is designed as a distributed client-server application including open interfaces to the most established design systems and simulators. Due to the client-server application multiple connections to the simulations are guaranteed. The platform independent user interface communicates via a secure https protocol with the core applications of SyAD® ‘s framework.

CISC SyAD applicationsApplication areas

  • Hierarchical system development for multidomain applications
  • Virtual prototyping and test engineering
  • System verification using behavioral modeling
  • HW/SW co-simulation e.g.:
    • FBGA based co-simulation for RFID Systems
    • μC based co-simulation for automotive power management in hybrid vehicles

Starting from a homogeneous top level description of an entire system with e.g. Matlab/Simulink SyAD® allows individual transfer of its components and subsystems to analog/digital/mixed hardware descriptions in e.g. VHDL(- AMS), Verilog(-AMS), MAST and SystemC either by mapping with corresponding library elements or by a fully automated transfer.

SyAD® Base Components
Standalone Solution
Simulator Configuration
Simulation Control
Hierarchical Designs
User Management
Library Management
Design System Link
Export-/Importtool for Cadence
Tooling Options
Waveform Analyzer
Simulator Link Options
Cadence Design Systems: Virtuoso® AMS Designer
The Mathworks: Matlab® Simulink
The Mathworks: Matlab® Stateflow
Mentor Graphics®: ADVanceMS™
Mentor Graphics®: Modelsim®
Synopsys®: Saber®
OSCI: SystemC
Open Modelica: Modelica
Co-Simulation Interface (CSI)
CSI for Virtuoso® AMS Designer Simulator
CSI for Matlab® Simulink
CSI for Matlab® Stateflow
CSI for ADVanceMS™
CSI for Modelsim®
CSI for Saber®
CSI for SystemC
IP Libraries
CISC Automotive Bus System Lib
CISC Base Components Lib
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