Bosch Generic Timer Module


Adding Serial Communication Protocol
SENT as Softcore to Microcontrollers

Challenges for Implementing the SENT Protocol

Implementing serial communication protocols require to address a couple of topics like:

  • Synchronization
  • Data rate detection
  • Bus arbitration
  • High clock variations (e.g. +/-20 % for SENT)
  • Allowed deviation between successive calibration pulses very low (e.g. +/-1.5625 % for SENT)
  • Error recovery

Of course, the Generic Timer IP module (GTM) allows different approaches for the SENT protocol implementation by ensuring accurate multi-input data acquisition and multi-output signal generation in automotive powertrain and active safety applications, or in industrial closed-loop applications. 

Efficiency in Implementation

Our implementation allows already in the version 1.5 of the GTM up to 4 parallel SENT channels using one MCS. Our implementation supports:

  • 3 µs clock tick
  • Fast/Slow channel reception
  • FIFO for interrupt messages
  • RAM for polling messages
  • Message diagnostics completely done by MCS


Based on the resources of the GTM version V1.5 we have implemented a solution that is shown in the picture close by. 

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Generic Timer Module IP Softcore

Generic Timer Module Software Libraries

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