RFID Based Baggage Tracking


RAIN RFID tag testing according to IATA 1740c guidelines for baggage visibility

Tag performance RP 1740c conform

IATA RP 1740c  “Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Specifications for Interline Baggage” guidelines defined two performance criteria for a tag to be qualified. First, the tag turns on the power and second the back-scatter power of the tag. CISC RFID Xplorer tag performance tester measures both criteria over the entire frequency range to make sure the tags used are globally compliant. In addition RP 1740c uses the Select and Query commands to measure the performance of the tag. Xplorer comes with a parameter set that configures it as in RP 1740c and furthermore those parameters not defined in the RP 1740c, but used in the ARC pre compliance testing.  This allows to specifically measure the tags on the parameters chosen by the airlines.

Automated performance testing of RAIN RFID tags

The scripting functionality in the RFID Xplorer Tag Performance Tester is used to automate the testing process of multiple tags at different antenna angles. With the help of the software, a test sequence could be defined with the help of a script file. This cut down the testing time of individual batches of tags considerably. The use of this software reduces human error and fastens the overall testing process. It also has a pre-compliance testing feature to increase the confidence level that tags will pass the certification process by test houses. 


  • Saves up to half the current R&D time to develop next-generation RP 1740c guidelines compliant tags used in baggage tracking
  • Measurement of key performance criteria of RAIN RFID tag removing all the guesswork
  • Strengthened knowledge and understanding of the performance of the tag
  • Pre-compliance testing of the RAIN tag saves considerable time and money
  • Reduces the time-to-market of new products by 50% due to the set up of in-house testing capabilities.

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