Label Reel Testing


How Quality Assurance testing of label reels boosts the credibility as a high quality provider of smart labels

No more failed smart labels

Nothing more reduces your reputation, if smart labels are not readable in the final application or the encoding was not successful. With the CISC reel2reel tester you can test, encode, personalize, write and verify your smart label reels for the specific final application. Furthermore, the failed labels can also be marked: The additional fail marker is adding so much convenience to it as it makes it easy to sort out failed labels later.

Reduce liability risks

Customers do not accept any tolerances. If you want to expand in the market and strengthen your reputation as a high-quality provider of smart labels then there is no room for errors. With the fail marker all this is taken care of. Additionally, the test results can also be saved as a test report proofing the quality of your smart labels. Packed with this, your liabilities issues are yesterday and you can concentrate on further expanding your business in the market.


  • Assure 100% functioning smart labels by quality testing, encoding and verification
  • Sort out failed labels according to your application requirements

  • Reduce the failure rate of your smart labels to zero


  • Reduce liability risks to a minimum with the test report

  • Increase your brand’s reputation by achieving highest quality labels

  • Invest the saved time and costs to foster your leadership in the market

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NFC Xplorer Inline

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