Multi-Frequency and Multi-Protocol PXI Test System

“CISC RFID MeETS was the first RFID measurement system installed in the EECC” stated Conrad von Bonin, General Manager of EECC GmbH. “Actually, it has been installed, when the lab has been raised by Metro around 15 years ago. It formed the basis for all our RFID measurements and in particular for tag testing. CISC always worked on improvements of RFID measurement system and meanwhile certainly CISC RFID Xplorer use is dominating, although the CISC RFID MeETS based measurement equipment is still up and running in our lab”.

The CISC RFID MeETS based solution set the stage for very versatile RFID and NFC testing supporting all ISO/IEC and GS1 EPCglobal protocols. The tool features a fully automated evaluation of performance and properties of RFID tags, even if the tag is attached to product packaging. Conformance and performance testing of readers and tags is made possible by the implementation of full communication protocols, both for HF and UHF bands. The system provides measurement techniques for tests according ISO and EPCglobal™ standards. MeETS is based on a modular HW and SW platform. This approach offers a tailored product to ensure that the system meets customer specific application requirements.


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