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Keep Up RAIN RFID Readers with Best Marathon Event Performance

Deeper Investigations

LEDs indicate immediately whether a reader is suitable for the use in the application. In case of an issue indicated by a red LED signal on the Reader Checker, a deeper investigation is possible by connecting the reader to the computer to figure out whether the problem was due to output power, sensitivity, wrong frequency, read-rate, or an air interface parameter. Overall, the use of the RAIN RFID Reader Checker and its basic performance checks ensures that only unsuspicious decoders from distributors are shipped and decoder downtime is avoided.

RFID Technology at the Limit

“We are the global innovation leader in sports timing. Our area of application pushes RFID technology to its limits. A reader that works flawlessly is essential for us” says Nikias Klohr, CTO at RACE RESULT. “With the RAIN Xplorer Reader Checker, we can quickly and easily check whether the readers in our decoders are ok. Especially, because the device is so small and handy, we can test dozens of rental devices in our warehouse in a short time.”


  • Time-saving
  • Less shipping costs
  • Less decoder downtime
  • Higher reliability and best performance
    for customers
  • Early problem detection

RACE RESULT is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sports timekeeping technology. Known as the biggest innovator in the industry, RACE RESULT inspires its customers with outstanding quality Made in Germany. Worldwide, the company is recording rapidly growing numbers of users. From online registration via the personalized start number to the timekeeping system:

RACE RESULT offers a complete package of hardware and software for sporting events of all sizes. Besides about 50 employees at the headquarters, the company has seven distributors on three continents. While always being profitable, the company increased the customer base and turnover tenfold in the last four years with a total revenue of 13M Euro in 2019.

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