Tag Production Testing


How to test the quality of tags in production without stopping the speed of the production machine

Identify failed tags in the production line

The CISC Xplorer Inline allows testing in the production line without limiting the speed of the machine. Optionally, you can encode and immediately verify your tags or smart labels. But this is not all. The tags which failed can be marked with an optional fail marker. The additional fail marker is adding so much convenience to it as it makes it easy to sort out failed labels later. To combine multiple processes to one, saves tremendous time and costs.

Reduce liability risks to a minimum

 To expand in the market and strengthen the reputation as a high-quality manufacturer of tags there is no room for errors. As a manufacturer you need to deliver the highest quality. The testing possibilities mentioned help to distinguish from the competitors, especially the test report makes it bullet-proof. Trust in the manufactured tags is good, a test report is better.


  • Test, encode (personalize), verify in one process during production
  • Reduce your production failure rate to zero

  • Sort out failed tags with a fail marker


  • Reduce liability risks to a minimum with the test report

  • Increase your brand’s reputation by achieving highest quality tags and labels

  • Invest the saved time and costs to foster your leadership in the market

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