Bosch Generic Timer Module

CISC Experience

CISC offers design and consulting services for the Bosch GTM. Our excellent know-how about the complex timer IP results from the work for Bosch since 2010. We are deeply involved with the development and verification of all major GTM submodules. CISC experts have implemented various serial protocol stacks based on the flexible architecture of the GTM-IP.

CISC services include

  • Specific software design
  • Custom implementation of software modules
  • Ready-to-use low-level drivers for serial protocols including CAN, LIN and SENT
  • Specific hardware design for all supported microcontrollers including Infineon AURIX, NXP, STMicroelectronics and Renesas

CISC advantages

  • We have been involved with the development of the SystemC reference model for all generations of the GTM covering the following submodules
    • dPLL – digital PLL
    • MCS – multi channel sequencer
    • TOM – timer output module
    • ATOM – ARU-connected timer output module
    • TIM – timer input module
    • SPE – sensor pattern evaluation
  • We have been involved with the verification of the IP module and the reference model for all generations of the GTM covering practically all major submodules
    • Test case development
    • Verification and debugging based on SystemC OSCI and Mentor ModelSim as well as FPGA

Bosch GTM IP Support

CISC may accelerate your software development for automotive systems with new models for the Bosch GTM IP or/and by providing high value support for application and software development for various microcontrollers (e.g. Infineon „TriCORE / AURIX“)