UWB Indoor Positioning

CISC Semiconductors’ UWB (ultra-wideband) Positioning Simulator is a demonstrator system, which enables real-time locating and positioning of active RFID tags in multipath intensive environments, e.g. like offices, industrial and residential areas.

CISC Semiconductor has done a considerable amount of research on UWB technology so far, especially on low complexity transceiver architectures for active RFID systems and sensor networks. A special focus of this research is on experimentally verified simulation models. The simulation models focus on the physical layer of the IEEE 802.15.4a standard and are able to satisfy the new regulations for the UWB utilization according to the FCC and European regulations. The simulation models are experimental (measurements) verified and are used to verify the capabilities of the standard in positioning and communication.

The video features a short introduction of the UWB Signal Generator and the UWB Positioning Simulator. It demonstrates how it is used for the development, evaluation and testing of indoor positioning with active RFID / RTLS tags.