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RAIN RFID Design Services

With more 20 years of experience in UHF RFID, also known as RAIN RFID; GS1 EPC Gen2, ISO/IEC 18000-63 Type C technology, CISC has seen a lot during the initial phase on contributing to UHF RFID, helping customers to setup RFID labs and developing standards and radio regulations. Experience is built on seeing failures and successes in the infancy of UHF RFID and continuously working with the technology today, tomorrow and beyond.

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RAIN RFID Design Services

CISC offers UHF RFID antenna design for systems working at frequency bands 860-960 MHz. Based on CISCs comprehensive antenna knowledge, we provide antenna designs for tags in respect of complex input impedance of tag IC and antennas for RFID readers. CISC provides antenna design for UHF RFID tags based on latest RAIN ICs designs (such as Impinj Monza and NXP UCODE and others), tags IC for special applications (e.g. sensor tags) as well as ICs supporting other standardized and proprietary communication protocols. Using our in-house equipment, we are able to measure the input impedance of an RFID UHF IC in the case it is unknown and use it for antenna design or characterize the IC customer data-sheet. Using our proven measurement technology, we are able to define RFID tag parameters as tag sensitivity, backscatter signal, operating range, read range, and tag radiation patterns. 

We can also provide UHF RFID antennas for readers tailored according to the user specification in respect of high gain, polarization, bandwidth which can be done on a conventional substrate (FR4) or special RF substrates (Arlon, Rogers).

Supporting all kinds of customer requirements, we are also able to design antennas for various applications in ISM bands (WiFi, Bluetooth). 

  • Implementation of RAIN RFID antennas to an existing device or a prototype device.
  • Design of antennas with the respect to required antenna size, position and RAIN RFID communication range.
  • Feedback about the minimum requirements of an antenna (size) for their device.

RFID Application Design and Development

  • Support integration of RFID systems into application setups
  • Optimizing the performance of RAIN setups
  • Performing evaluation measurements on-site to identify issues or bottlenecks

RFID Engineering Services and Support

Tag IC design

    • Support design of RAIN RFID tag ICs by performing evaluation and
      pre-conformance tests. E.g. ISO, GS1
    • Pre-compliance and pre-certification testing of RAIN tags.
      E.g. ETSI EN 302 20
    • Comprehensive tag performance measurements
    • When the content is decided, the wording (Sentence form, tense, …)  should be aligned throughout the list. E.g. supporting, support of, …

Reader design

      • Design of RAIN readers circuitry.
      • Firmware development/modification/optimization.
      • Increase RFID readers’ performance (e.g. read rate) by utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of the communication protocol to optimize reader settings for various application setups.

Consulting services 

        • We guide our customers through the certification process to help their products pass compliance tests.
        • Consulting on RAIN, GS1, ISO, ETSI standardization

RFID Measurement Solutions

CISC is a global leader in providing RFID test solutions. Our RFID products and services help resolve issues around performance and conformance of tags and reader and verify RFID setup. In terms of conformance CISC offers solution for all passive UHF RFID standards including

  • GS1 EPCglobal
  • ISO/IEC 18000-63 Type C UHF RFID Air interface
  • ISO/IEC 29167 Crypto Suites

Test solutions cover:

CISC RFID Test Solutions

  • Support chip design verification
  • See the response of tags to custom commands
  • Verify the existing conformance standards/protocols
  • Helps in the development of new standards
  • The verification of performance of the tag to that of the datasheet and tagged-item
  • Finds the optimal location for placing a tag or in other words a sweet spot finder
  • Helps In the measurement of the orientation sensitivity of stand-alone tags and tags in population

Develop Better Products

  • Helps inventories all tags in the field and lets the user evaluate the performance of each single one within the population. No matter whether tags are isolated or closely stacked, Xplorer delivers performance results within the target application setup
  • In the research and development of new tags and readers for the industry
  • Observe and analyze the communication between reader and tags in lab and real-life environment for smooth, easy and problem free deployment of tags in various environments across industries
  • Helps in the selection of right reader for the retail environment
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