COYERO is a mobile technology that connects people to infrastructure and creates revenue creating services.

COYERO® products allow to connect and grant secure and personalized access using personal smart devices like smart phones, wrist bands or even cars to infrastructure and local services in the vicinity of the user by applying NFC or Bluetooth LE (BLE) close proximity communication.

COYERO’s technology IP is owned by CISC Semiconductor GmbH and is exclusively provided through COYERO, Inc. located in Palo Alto (CA), U.S.A and COYERO GmbH, located in Klagenfurt, Austria to its international clients (check out COYERO® is a registered trademark of CISC Semiconductor GmbH in U.S.A, Canada and the European Union.

COYERO® is clustered in three product lines:

COYERO access provides mobile, secure, personalized access and authorizations to local services, infrastructure, events and more. Companies can generate/sell access tickets to grant unattended access to their services anytime and anywhere they define.


COYERO enables local merchants, restaurants, museums or events to connect with surrounding infrastructure services (eg parking) or even with each other by integrating COYERO services in their App or by simply joining the COYERO Marketplace Portal.


COYERO charged integrates BLE & NFC features to e-charging terminals and enables mobile, token based car identification. Seamless integration of smart devices, payment services, charging and station operator systems is provided.