NFC test solutions

CISC provides NFC test solutions to ensure best user experience. NFC-enabled mobile phones, wearables and other devices are gaining an ever more important role in our lives and increasingly take on tasks, which had been the domain of PCs and laptops not so long ago. CISC works together with the leaders in NFC-enabled devices and providers of NFC microchips and electronics to ensure best customer satisfaction with NFC applications.

Based CISC NFC knowledge we offer NFC test solutions and NFC test services for NFC applications like payment, public transport and access control. Using this our customers get NFC enabled devices best tuned for maximum performance fulfilling customer requirements, ensuring user stisfaction and also meeting the requirement of EMVco, NFC-Forum, ISO/IEC, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and other payment schemes.

The test solutions cover dozens of POS terminals for payment applications, increasing volume of public transport readers and NFC-enabled mobile phones following the market release.

Detailed information about the test systems and test services is available here.

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Download: CISC NFC Interoperability Test Leaflet