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CISC RAIN Xplorer has become the best choice in the retail deployment based on the ability to measure the performance of multiple tags in the field. Xplorer inventories all tags in the field and lets the user evaluate the performance of each single one within the population. No matter if tags are isolated or closely stacked, Xplorer delivers performance results within the target application setup. Xplorer is ready to perform measurement tests based on “tagged-item test procedure” as defined by The Tagged Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) Guidelines.

Key Performance Metrics of UHR RFID Tags

CISC RFID Xplorer delivers key performance metrics of UHF RFID tags, such as Read and Write range over frequency (meters, feet), Backscatter range over frequency (meters, feet), Minimum tag activation electric field over frequency (V/m), 

Minimum tag activation power over frequency (dBm), Tag backscatter power over frequency (dBm), Differential radar cross-section over frequency (dBsqm) and the angular sensitivity – tag radiation pattern.

Performance Sweep

Angular Sensitivity - Tag radiation pattern

A Quick Measurement

Xplorer´s software Interference Analyzer offers the possibility of analyzing interferences in the frequency range from 800 MHz to 1 GHz. It can be used by users to perform a quick measurement before testing the tag and the reader to understand the RF interference present in the frequency range in which the tests are being conducted. 

This tool also helps in quantifying the ambient noise/interference level when the CISC RFID Xplorer is used to test the performance of RFID readers or tags outside a controlled RF test environment (outside RF test chamber).The interference analyzer also reveals the presence of other readers which helps system integrators troubleshooting application test setups.

TID Inventory Function

Interference Analyzer

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