The CISC NFC Interoperability Test Lab offers interoperability and performance tests for NFC enabled devices. Providing test services for payment terminals, NFC enabled mobile phones and smart cards, CISC has a long successful history with many key players in the industry.

Manfred Jantscher, leader of the NFC Interoperability Test Lab, reports that there is an overall progress in terms of interoperability and performance especially for payment and ticketing applications.

As today most people have an NFC enabled mobile phone, more and more applications start to utilize NFC technology. However, there are significant challenges as different mobile phones have a significant variation in their NFC performance.

Payment interoperability testing with more than 50 POS terminals is ongoing for quite some while. Now, there is a strong increasing demand for tests with NFC enabled phones as qualified equipment (QE). Providing test services with many different mobile phones and Android versions we see all the challenges NFC users typically face. Manfred Jantscher reported a very unexpected experience when he was doing NFC interoperability tests with a particular mobile phone. Having seen a disappointing performance result, he upgraded the Android version of that phone and was puzzled that the NFC performance decreased even more.

Meanwhile, there have been lots of successful tests using NFC enabled mobile phones in card emulation mode to improve readers and also in reader mode to improve cards. The highest market interest is currently in testing devices that have been extended with NFC functionality by connecting electronics to the NFC world through NFC devices with serial ports.

Android is dominating all these tests using various kinds of test applications. iOS and iPhone tests still have their challenges but this may change in future.