Women of CISC share their thoughts

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the immeasurable contributions of women in the workforce. In a study highlighting what men and women consider important in their careers, it emerged that men prioritize success while women value politeness, tolerance, and fairness. These qualities, which could enlighten many a male-dominated sector, set the stage for International Women’s Day—a time to honor the pivotal roles women play in the workforce. Our team’s inspiring women share what this day signifies to them, echoing the immense contributions of women across all walks of life and underscoring the ongoing pursuit of gender equality. Women’s relentless efforts in breaking down barriers and glass ceilings, and their advocacy for diversity and inclusivity, have been transformative in the evolution of today’s workplace.

Susanne, VP Legal and PTM
As a lawyer and a woman, I view International Women’s Day from multiple angles. On one hand, women have made significant strides worldwide, particularly in education, careers, and political participation. Yet, we still face many challenges that need addressing.

In the legal profession, for example, women are better represented now than decades ago. However, a significant gender pay gap and unequal representation of women in leadership roles persist. These inequalities are often due to structural barriers and gender biases, which we must continue to fight against.

International Women’s Day reminds us that gender equality and fairness are not automatic but require ongoing effort. We must keep advocating for women’s rights, whether through legislative changes, political involvement, or promoting women in leadership positions.

I see International Women’s Day as a chance to highlight existing injustices and take steps to overcome them. It’s important for us to work together towards a fairer society where women have the same opportunities and chances as men.

Ateesha, Head of Marketing
While I am very fortunate to have a wealth of opportunities available to me as a woman, International Women’s Day serves as a reminder of a crucial issue: not enough women in leadership positions is not just a question of fairness, but a significant missed opportunity for innovation, diversity of thought, and progress. Although the global percentage of women in leadership positions has increased from 19.4% to 33.5% over the last two decades, the current rise of only 1.1 percentage points compared to the previous year indicates a disheartening trend. Even in Austria, only one in every three C-level executives is a woman. This gap in leadership is more than just a disparity in numbers; it reflects a loss of critical perspectives in decision-making processes. Women bring unique experiences and insights to the table, which are vital for fostering creativity and inclusive strategies within organizations. Their participation in top-tier roles is not merely a symbol of achieving gender equality but is integral to driving business success and innovation. Companies that actively work to bridge this gap not only move towards a more equitable workplace but also unlock a greater potential for comprehensive growth and societal advancement. On this International Women’s Day, it becomes even more evident that boosting the representation of women in leadership roles is key to a truly progressive and thriving global community

Ulrike, Vice President Finance

Every Women’s Day reminds me of the gratitude I feel for never having experienced gender-based discrimination in my life. In fact, with my current employer, I’ve been fortunate enough to always be treated on par with my male colleagues, without ever needing to demand such equality. This natural balance of respect and fairness at work is something I deeply value and serves as a testament to the progressive environment I am part of. It’s a reflection of a culture that values talent and contribution over gender, creating an empowering atmosphere. This positive experience at work not only boosts my professional confidence but also reinforces my belief in the possibility of a truly equitable workplace.

Isabella, Design Engineer

I’m fortunate to be at a company like CISC, where gender, race, or other external factors don’t influence how we’re treated. However, outside of this inclusive environment, it often feels like, as a woman, I have to prove my competence in a way my male counterparts are not expected to. There’s a noticeable difference in expectations and communication styles; men are often presumed competent until proven otherwise, whereas women may encounter skepticism until they demonstrate their capabilities. But it’s important to note, this is an external issue. Inside CISC, I’ve always experienced a respectful and equitable work culture.

Claudia, Corporate Accountant
At CISC, we don’t just talk about equality; we put it into action. On Women’s Day, we honor the essential roles women play in all areas of life and recommit ourselves to fostering diversity and inclusion. Our approach goes beyond mere policy; it’s woven into the fabric of our daily operations and interactions. We stand by the principle that gender should never hinder one’s achievements. Our pride lies in uplifting the women within our organization and beyond, helping them reach their highest potential. Together, let’s keep advocating for equality and build a world where every woman has the chance to succeed, ensuring a future where equality is not just a goal, but a reality.

Mona, Accounting Assistant

I’m really thankful to be at CISC where gender doesn’t matter when it comes to being respected and recognized at work. Here, what you can do and how hard you work are what really count. Everyone is judged on their own skills and efforts, which makes it a fair place for all. This fair way of treating everyone makes me feel valued and encourages everyone at the company. It creates a positive and supportive work environment. CISC shows that treating men and women equally at work is not just a good idea, but it also makes the workplace better. It’s a great example for other companies to follow, proving that equality is key to success.

Here’s to the incredible women who have made an impact, and to the ones who will continue to do so. Happy Women’s Day!