Wireless Identification Product Portfolio

Lab Test Equipment

The Xplorer series RAIN RFID + NFC test systems are the essential tools for testing RAIN RFID and NFC hardware and application set up. From ICs to inlays, tags, readers and applications, Xplorer series test systems cover all product development phases from R&D to pre-conformance and performance testing. Through our test systems we ensure improved quality, reliability, and interoperability of your RAIN RFID and NFC hardware.



All-In-One High-Precision RFID Test Instrument.


NFC Xplorer

Compact, high-quality test system, developed for NFC and HF device measurements.


NFC Interoperability Testing

Turnkey solution for interoperability tests of NFC-enabled devices with focus on contactless payment applications.


RAIN RFID Measurement Chamber

RAIN RFID Measurement Chambers for Device Testing Including ETSI EN 302 208 Tag Spectrum.

Production Test Equipment

CISC offers a portfolio of quality assurance products for mass production of RAIN RFID and NFC tags and labels. Reaching test speeds of 100 kUPH for multiple test points per tag and providing log details the CISC products provide highest test speed, but also encoding options and support of crypto suits as used in RAIN and NFC tags. RAIN Xplorer inline supports the UHF RFID band, while NFC Xplorer inline supports the 13.56 MHz protocols. Both may be used in the CISC reel2reel desktop tester, which is a basic desktop solution of a quality assurance and high volume performance testing device.


RAIN Xplorer Inline

Test Tool for High Speed Quality Assurance.


NFC Xplorer Inline

Test Tool for High Speed Quality Assurance and Encoding.


Reel2Reel Tester

Desktop Test Solution for RFID Tag Quality Assurance.

IP Modules

The CISC communication modules are provided as hard- and soft-cores and are fully engineered solutions for hardware, firmware and software that support fast time to market.


NFC WLC Development Platform

Boost Design and Robustness of NFC Based WLC Solutions.


Generic Timer Module IP Softcore

Analyze Complex Input Signals or Produce Sophisticated Output Signals.