Analyze Complex Input Signals or Produce Sophisticated Output Signals.

Powerful and Flexible Module

The Generic Timer Module (GTM) is a flexible module to analyse complex input signals or produce sophisticated output signals. The GTM IP is included in many automotive microcontrollers from leading semiconductor companies like Infineon, NXP, Renesas and STMicroelectronics. With its routing capability and multi-channel sequencer, a kind of co-processor, the GTM is not only able to reduce the CPU and interrupt load but also add software-emulated communication functionalities (SENT, LIN, CAN interfaces) to a huge number of I/O pins.

Key Benefits

  • Fast time to market
  • Efficient usage of GTM capabilities
  • Reduction of CPU load
  • Additional communication interfaces without changing the microcontroller
  • Simplified use of the GTM functionalities due to provided APIs

Key Features

  • Software libraries which abstracts complex configurations
  • Additional communication interfaces on general purpose I/Os
  • AUTOSAR compliant modules
  • Communication modulus for:
    • SENT
    • LIN
    • CAN


The GTM is a powerful but complex module which can be used for signal generation and analysis but also to realize software-emulated interfaces (e.g. SENT, LIN, and CAN). The usage of GTM can reduce the workload of the microcontroller’s CPU and free resources for other tasks. The huge amount of possible configurations increases the effort to handle complex applications with the GTM. Also the potential of the GTM cannot be completely seen, because it is somehow hidden behind the required configuration. 


The GTM IP library abstracts the configuration and usage of the GTM which reduces the effort to execute complex tasks using the GTM and at the same time reduce the workload of the microcontroller’s CPU. The provided APIs for e.g. communication interfaces are standard conform (e.g. AUTOSAR) that, from the application point of view, software emulated communication interfaces using the GTM can be used in the same way as hardware communication interfaces.

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