Wireless sensor management

Edge Gateway to Manage Distributed Wireless Sensors and Predictive Maintenance More Easily.

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Powertool for Measurement Systems

The Edge Gateway provides a solution to manage distributed wireless sensors. On the one hand, new sensors can be added to the measurement systems easily and on the other hand, the gateway is powerful enough to evaluate the measurements and detect irregularities.

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Applications that require the collection of many distributed measurements usually require a lot of manual configuration. Additionally, the collection measurements and sending them to a server for analysis leads to high network traffic to the cloud. The edge gateway is equipped with an NFC interface to conveniently add new sensors to the measurement system and 

also exchange shared secrets that are used to encrypt the wireless communication link between sensors and gateway. Due to the processing power of the edge gateway, it processed and analyzes the measurements to identify irregularities. Furthermore, self-learning algorithms can be used in the analysis to achieve e.g. precise predictive maintenance.


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