We offer high-end and versatile test equipment for laboratory and mass production tests, system integration, and quality assurance

Testing and Industrialization

Conformance, Performance, and Interoperability

CISC offers high-end and versatile test equipment solutions for laboratory tests, system integration, mass production, and quality assurance of RAIN RFID and NFC devices including contactless payment testing. This covers concept engineering including standardization activities, furthermore design covering simulations, implementation including prototypes.  The configuration including firmware, software, and app development completes the design before it goes into comprehensive verification covering conformance, performance, and interoperability. Customers may utilize the complete development cycle, or only one or several parts from concept, design, implementation, configuration, and verification. CISC, in cooperation with several test houses, offers all qualifications which are required to sell a product on the global market. The qualification fields range from electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility to radio testing of various wireless communication standards.

CISC Testing and Industrialization Solution