Internet of energy (ioe)

Fully engineered industrial IoT solutions for sustainable and stable energy grids

Scalable applications and services

Based on more than 20 years experience and extensive R&D work in international research CISC has integrated multiple and newest enabling technologies to final products as communication devices and platforms to build scalable applications and services. We enable our customers to generate a significant potential impact on their domain specific application feasibility and the sustainability of the underlying business model.


Edge Gateway

Provides a solution to manage distributed wireless sensors.


E2E Security Connector

Cloud solution for enhancing the security level of your system.


IoT Device Management Platform

Analyze Performance, Discover Usage Patterns, Avoid Cost and Time-Consuming Maintenance Services.


NFC WLC Development Platform

Boost Design and Robustness of NFC Based WLC Solutions.


IoT Terminal

Adds connectivity to existing infrastructure.