We support you throughout the concept phase with standardization work, hardware- and software partitioning, and interface development


Get it Right from the Start

CISC offers consulting and custom hardware and software design to deliver complete RF solutions based on customer requirements. We analyze customer requirements, help select the technology, develop hardware and software, and support integration. CISC manages the project over its life cycle and works with partners of the customer to deliver out of the box solution. Already in concept phase, our customers can benefit from extensive R&D work in international research. CISC is also a long term leader in RFID standardization, in particular covering RAIN RFID, ISO/IEC 18000-63, GS1 EPC Gen2, ETSI and NFC-Forum. Providing 25+ years of experience in RFID standardization. CISC offers the most comprehensive knowledge in UHF RFID standardization from its origin in the last century. Based on this deep know-how in international standards, CISC can find the optimal HW/SW partitioning and implement interfaces which ensures compatibility and interoperability between sub systems and systems of other companies.


  • RF electronic circuit design tools:
    • Eagle
  • Simulation tools
    • CST Studio
    • Matlab Simulink
  • Digital FPGA design
    • Xilinx ISE
    • Vivado
  • Embedded design
    • C/C++
    • Visual Studio
    • Keil
    • MCUXpresso
  • Signal processing
    • Labview
    • Matlab


  • Development of complex RF systems
    • RF analog design
    • RF digital, communication protocols
    • Software application
  • Development of RF antennas and circuits for sub-GHz and GHz frequencies.
  • PCB design of RF circuits
  • Antenna matching
  • Measurement of RF circuits including antennas
  • Prototyping, Software-defined radio (SDR),
  • Real-time signal processing
  • Communication (Protocols)
    •  RFID
    • NFC
    • Bluetooth
    • UWB
  • DSP algorithms for SDR (Software Defined Radio) in RF applications on frequencies ranging from 10 MHz to 3 GHz.
  • Develop Windows API and GUI for real-time HW (MCU or SDR) communicating over Ethernet, USB, or similar.