Case Studies

We continuously want to help and provide tailored solutions and services to our customers in many different business fields. Here you can find the Case Studies that display CISC in action and how we have supported different teams in their processes to develop reliable products.

Product Categories

Case Study

LicenSys - Tag Perfomance Testing

Design high performance vehicle licence plates

Case Study

Tag Production Testing

How to test the quality of tags in production without stopping the speed of the production machine

Case Study

Label Reel Testing

Quality assurance testing of label reels for high quality provider of smart labels

Case Study

Tracking of Small Load Carriers (VDA-KLT)

Understand and control necessary RFID parameters in the automative logistic

Case Study

End-to-End Security

Secure End-to-End IoT Communication

Case Study

Axzon - Tag Performance Testing

Detect and decode reader commands and tag responses in real-time

Case Study

Connected Services

Connected services for e-Mobility as a Service

Case Study

IoT Data Collection and Analytics

Optimize your processes of collecting data from IoT devices