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CISC Semiconductor is a leading supplier of RFID measurement and test solutions. CISC’s core competences include RFID/NFC measurement, RFID/NFC test systems, RFID/NFC standardization, design, modeling, simulation, verification and optimization:

  • Find and fix reader, tag and system issues in seconds instead of days.
  • Automated performance tests for tags, readers and systems for the know how to place, track and manage your tags.
  • Automated conformance tests to save a factor of 100 in GS1, ISO/IEC and other standards compliance tests.
  • Save time and money. – For your benefit and success!
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Our fields of business

Logo Automotive Automotive

Going forward, innovation cycles for automotive systems will be shorter and shorter and sub-systems are more and more networked (e.g. driver assistant systems). While development times and costs must be decreased, new technologies like optical wires and new applications like X-by-Wire systems contribute to new relevant effects and interactions in cars and increase overall system complexity.

Within CISC Semiconductor’s business unit “Automotive” system integration by simulation is the major activity facing important challenges in the development of automotive systems. We support our customers with new design and verification methodologies like “executable specification”, “virtual prototyping”, or HW/SW co-simulation to achieve  all described development requirements by simulation and formal verification. Customer specific modelling of microelectronic systems and/or a CISC standard library of automotive components done with hardware description languages like VHDL(-AMS), Verilog(-AMS), SystemC and MAST are part of our work. Being involved in joint R&D activities with all major European car manufactures and its suppliers in the area of microelectronic systems, CISC Semiconductor is driving new activities to handle the increased system complexity by their simulation based system design methodology and wide spread system know-how.

Logo RF  RFID+RFComm


RFID+RFIDComm division of CISC Semiconductor exclusively deals with RFID+ NFC technology. Our RFID+NFC products and services helps resolve issues around performance and conformance of tags and reader and verify RFID+NFC setup. All our products conform to the latest industry standards and cater to customers globally.

Logo TM  Tools+Methodology

Methodologies and tools for the design of modern microelectronic systems are still a huge bottleneck in the overall product development process.

Within CISC Semiconductor’s business unit “Tools+Methodology” new design tools and methodologies are developed supporting our customers in the area of system integration, system design by virtual prototyping and design verification based on simulation.

Major activities focus on the development of niche solutions that link commercial tools from leading EDA companies to connect application level, hardware layer and transistor/gate level descriptions of embedded microelectronic systems seamless within the design process. Our tools like SyAD® are used successfully by our customers  and reduce their time-to-market key indicators significantly although design complexity has increased. Further on, we develop and license simulation models for system development that play a major role in system integration for automotive and telecommunication systems.

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