CISC Expands nfc
Testing Portfolio

Introducing the all new NFC Test Card Stack

CISC, a leading provider of RFID and NFC testing solutions, has recently introduced a significant addition to its product line: the NFC test card stack. This stack comprises a carefully selected collection of passive NFC tags, specifically engineered to streamline interoperability and regression testing of NFC readers. 

The NFC test card stack includes tags sourced from renowned vendors such as NXP, ST, Sony, Legic, Infineon, and AdvanIDe, presenting varying antenna configurations and form factors to cater to diverse testing needs. All samples are standardized with the ID-1 form factor compliant with ISO/IEC 7810, ensuring effortless integration into automated systems for streamlined robotic repetitive tests. Furthermore, smaller form factor samples are centrally applied to a blank ID-1 carrier, enhancing usability.

The following NFC types are supported:

  • NFC-A (ISO/IEC 14443A)
  • NFC-B (ISO/IEC 14443B)
  • NFC-F (JIS X6319-4 FeliCa)
  • NFC-V (ISO/IEC 15693) types

This product range guarantees extensive testing capabilities for NFC readers supporting various NFC protocols. This offering proves invaluable for companies and developers immersed in NFC technology, enabling compatibility and performance assessments of NFC readers and other NFC-enabled devices across diverse tags from different vendors utilizing varied protocols.

The NFC card stack is not only ideal for initial compatibility assessments but also facilitates regression tests for NFC readers post-firmware updates. This critical interoperability testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective communication between NFC-enabled devices and various NFC tags in real-world scenarios, addressing potential issues related to antenna configurations, form factors, and NFC protocols.

For further information and to access the NFC card stack datasheet, please contact