International Standardization

Josef Preishuber-Pflügl CTO of CISC Semiconductor is the convenor of the following standardization groups:

  • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC31 WG4 – Radio communications (RFID, RTLS, Security)
  • Austrian ASI K001 – Information technologies
  • Austrian ASI AG 001.31 – RFID for Item Management

CISC is active member of the following standardization groups:

ISO/IEC JTC1 SC31 , Automatic Identification and Data Capture methods



  • TC106X – Electromagnetic fields in the human environment

Austrian ASI (ONORM)

  • K001 – Information technologies
  • AG 001.06 – NFC
  • AG 001.17 – Machine readable cards
  • AG 001.31 – RFID for Item Management
  • FNA 186 Protection from non-ionising radiation
  • AG 186.EMF Electromagnetic field

GS1 / EPCglobal Inc™

  • GS1 GSMP Architecture Group
  • Industry Action Group (IAG)
  • Software Action Group (SAG)
  • Hardware Action Group (HAG)
    • TLRPP (Tag, Label, Reader and Printer Performance) co-chair: Vojtech Derbek
    • T&C (UHF Gen 2 Testing & Certification Working Group) co-chair: Josef Preishuber-Pflügl

Additionally, CISC is providing several people as co-chair in IAG and HAG groups

LPRA (Low Power Radio Organization)

  • Josef Preishuber-Pflügl has been appointed as the LPRA expert on RFID matters at ETSI meetings.