RFID production performance testing

RAIN Xplorer Inline is a Test Solution for High-Speed Quality Assurance.

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RFID Performance Testing During Production

The CISC RAIN Xplorer Inline is a unit for high-speed performance testing of RAIN RFID inlays and tags during the production process. It offers quality assurance during the production process from start to end. RAIN Xplorer Inline is available with a GUI but also allows full integration into assembly machines through serial interfaces, trigger lines, and API.

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RAIN Xplorer Inline is a tag performance test tool that additionally allows encoding of RAIN RFID tags and labels. The device is setup that it supports up to 100k UPH for testing the essential points of the tags resonance behaviour, which means 5 power/frequency pairs on EPC and reporting EPC and TID of each tag additional to the pass/fail result. The device consists of 2 elements, the RAIN Xplorer Inline itself and a test antenna. A Secure Access Module, the MIFARE SAM AV3, is provided optionally.

Both inductive and capacitive test antennas with multiple flexible shielding options are provided to meet UHF RFID production testing requirements for any kind of RAIN tags and labels.

The performance test support mode supports reference tag measurements to easily extract performance criteria for the tags. These parameters are then used to define criteria for the high volume quality assurance testing.

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