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CISC Semiconductor is a long term leader in RFID standardization, in particular covering RAIN RFID, ISO/IEC 18000-63, GS1 EPC Gen2, ETSI and NFC-Forum. Providing 20+ years of experience in RFID standardization CISC and its CTO Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl in particular offers the most comprehensive knowledge in UHF RFID standardization from its origin in the last century.

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CISC is an active member of the
following standardisation groups


  • Chairman Aviation work group (AWG): Convener Debangana Mukherjee
  • Chairman Technical work group (TWG): Chairman: Josef Preishuber-Pflügl

NFC Forum

  • Wireless Charging Task Force: Chairman: Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
  • Wireless Testing Task Force: Editor for Test Specifications

ISO/IEC JTC1 SC31 , Automatic Identification and Data Capture methods

  • WG 4 – Working Group on RF Communications (RFID, RTLS, Security, Test methods)
    • Convener WG4: Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
    • Key topics and standards:
      • ISO/IEC 18000-63 “UHF RFID air interface”
      • ISO/IEC 18046 “RFID performance test methods”
      • ISO/IEC 18047 “RFID conformance test methods”
      • ISO/IEC 29167 “RFID crypto suites”


  • ERM TG34 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Devices
    • Vice-chairman: Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
    • Rapporteuer EN 302 208: Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
    • Key topics and standards:
      • UHF RFID radio regulations in Europe and in particular EU
      • EN 302 208 “Radio regulations test methods for passive UHF RFID in the 865-868 and 915-921 MHz band”


  • Debangana Mukherjee as Chairperson of AIM North America

GS1 / EPCglobal Inc™

  • GS1 EPC Gen2 related groups for air interface, conformance and performance testing

LPRA (Low Power Radio Organization)

  • Josef Preishuber-Pflügl is director and has been appointed as the LPRA expert on RFID matters at ETSI meetings.

Austrian ASI (ONORM)

  • K001 – Informations technologies and applications, including blockchain
  • AG 001 06 – Telecommunications and information exchange between systems
  • AG 001 17 – Cards and personal identification, Biometrics
  • AG 001 27 – Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection
  • K038 – RFID for tyre tagging
  • K068 – RFID in packaging
  • K181 – Animal ID
  • AG 001 31 – Automatic identification and data capture techniques
  • AG 001 41 – ASI/OVE Joint Working Group Internet of Things
  • AG 001 42 – Artificial Intelligence
  • FNA 186 Protection from non-ionising radiation
  • AG 186.EMF Electromagnetic field


  • TC106X – Electromagnetic fields in the human environment
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