EECC Benchmark Study for UHF Tags

 “The CISC RFID measurement knowledge already available in 2006 was a great boost at the begin of our effort.” said EECC Manager Conrad von Bonin and continuous “Using the technology we have significantly enhanced our knowledge and the work we are doing. It provides the flexibility to address the market requirements and in particular those for the European region, where we need the capabilities to adjust the measurement equipment for European regulations and Dense Reader Mode requirements to meet the settings of the applications in Europe. This is only sufficiently provided by CISC measurement equipment. ”

The Germany based EECC (European EPC Competence Center) is doing this worldwide most extensive report, initially together with the Metro Group, DHL, and GS1 Germany for 10 years now.  The EECC is setup in Neuss, Germany, and provides in its 3 Innovation Labs all available RFID and EPCIS services, see www.eecc.info. The UHF Tag Performance Survey report is part of the EECC Research program in cooperation with European industries and institutes that explores technical and business future capabilities.

For details on the CISC RFID Tag performance measurement equipment, please visit our RAIN Xplorer product page


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