NFC Xplorer Inline

High Speed Quality Assurance and Encoding

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NFC Performance Testing
During Production

The CISC NFC Xplorer Inline is a unit for high-speed quality assurance testing of NFC inlays and tags during the production process. It offers quality assurance during the production process from start to end which includes performance testing and encoding. NFC Xplorer Inline is available with a GUI but also allows full integration into assembly machines through serial interfaces, trigger lines, and API.

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NFC Xplorer inline is a quality assurance test tool that additionally allows encoding of NFC and HF RFID tags and labels. The device is setup to support the maximum speed allowed by the protocol and the tag chip.

The device consists of 2 elements, the NFC Xplorer Inline itself and a test antenna and it may be integrated into a test system as shown below:



The performance test support mode supports golden device tag measurements to easily extract performance criteria for the tags. These parameters are then used to define criteria for the high volume quality assurance testing and also encoding or personalization.




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