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tagItron RFID Systems is using CISC RFID Xplorer for UHF RFID testing for LEX certification

 “Transponder-System is the first inevitable step to the overall system, “says Jan Wendisch, Managing Director & Head of TextileID tagItron GmbH. “With the CISC RFID Xplorer system tagItron can already draw conclusions on the resonance frequency and range of the transponder in the application of the customer during the development phase of transponders and thus has a tool in hand, that ensures that the system integration from the beginning on the fitting transponder.”

Fail or success depends on the transponder

For tagItron, the textile service / laundry sector is one of the most exciting fields and the most important markets for the future in addition to the logistics sector and especially c-logistics. From a technical few the transponder always stands at the beginning of each process chain and the challenge begins as not all transponders are the same. The different transponders currently available in the market show the full range of price/performance. A recent study (LEX Certification), commissioned by tagItron, documents this through process testing and RF surveying.  Just attaching the transponder, whether patching, sewing or riveting, as well as the position of the attachment in the textile and the type of textile itself, can already decide on the success or failure of the use of RFID. CISC RFID Xplorer supported the overall process by test methods providing the required knowledge for a successful transponder development.

About Tagitron

tagItron®GmbH has been developing and producing HF and UHF based RFID systems for the identification, localisation and authentication of objects and persons at 3 production locations for over 25 years. The company’s performance spectrum consists of services and products for complete RFID solutions from a single source. The focus is on specialised RFID solutions that are safe to be used in processes conducted in challenging environments such as, for example, metal and liquid or high temperatures.

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