Portable RFID Reader Test Device

RAIN RFID Reader Checker for Fast Performance Quality Verification.

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Successful deployment of RFID systems relies on well-performing readers. It is crucial for the reliability of the implemented system that RFID readers read all tags in the field correctly and at the right level of speed. The CISC RAIN Xplorer Reader Checker is a portable tool that allows you to check whether a reader offers sufficient performance. The result is available within seconds after connecting the reader to the testing device.

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System performance is a key requirement for RAIN RFID installations. In application setups an in-depth reader analysis is difficult and RFID engineers might not be around. The CISC RAIN Xplorer Reader Checker lets the user simply connect to the reader port(s) via the provided RF cable(s), turn on the reader, and get the information if the device meets the expected performance. CISC offers additional tools that allow in-depth root cause analysis of failing devices, as well as setting new test requirements for quality control and field use.

Target Applications:

Stand-alone mode with pass/fail LED

    • Fast on-site performance check
    • Outgoing quality check-in reader production

Connected to PC with GUI

    • Evaluation of reader designs
    • Viewing performance graphs
    • User-defined test settings

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