IoT Data Collection and Analysis (Pred Maintenance)


IoT Data Collection and Analytics

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We offer an out of the box solution that securely connects any IoT device to the cloud. If the actual sensors cannot be connected to the internet directly our Edge Gateway which supports a large variety of communication protocols is the perfect solution to close this gap. As soon as your data reaches our cloud system it is stored and ready for analysis. IoT devices may be grouped according to custom attributes such as e.g. type of device or location. This allows for comparison for example different sites or production lines.

Failure Localization and
Predictive Maintenance

Failure analysis is a major challenge in any IoT setting. To facilitate fast and efficient data exploration we focus on a user-friendly design of the visualization dashboard. This makes it easy to find the root cause of failures and discover patterns that could have been missed before. Advanced machine learning techniques allow fast detection of abnormal behavior. When for example the temperature values of a certain group of sensors deviate significantly from the expected behavior a warning is issued. This allows to determine the most cost-effective time for maintenance.

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