RBZ Embedded Logics - RAIN RFID Reader Design

Making RAIN RFID Reader Design
a Walk in the Park


When RBZ Embedded Logics was hired to support their customer with designing a RAIN RFID reader, they started the development based on their deep embedded system design Know-how. At the end of the reader development everything seemed to work, but when they moved to reader distance measurements it turned out to become the biggest challenge for RBZ. Sensitivity tests in the circuit showed everything to be functioning well after the initial test run. However, the results changed the following day after the completion of second test tun. The reader reliability was difficult to predict, or even to compare on a performance level with other readers. An engineer’s nightmare started by doing sensitivity testing in the dark. The results varied enormous every day, not knowing whether it was the output power supplies, the long-term stability of sensitivity or if there was another reason for the cause of the problems.


RBZ realized that they require a dedicated testing equipment for RFID reader sensitivity measurements to move forward. Several market recommendations lead RBZ to CISC and its RAIN RFID Xplorer test product. After a short remote training session, the engineering team of RBZ was able to use the Xplorer Reader Performance Tester. This tool enabled them to easily measure the sensitivity of their readers in various conditions and parameters, such as link frequency or the phase of the tag response. The results showed them which adjustments were required and they were able to start the redesign based on the new insights. Two weeks later RBZ managed to hand over a reader to their customers fulfilling all the requirements to be successfully deployed in the dedicated RFID system.


“Designing a RAIN RFID reader without a proper testing instrument is like hiking in the dark without a compass or GPS,” says Jesus Donate, CEO at RBZ Embedded Logics. “For the project success, it was crucial to switch to a professional test instrument to offer a reliable and best-performing reader to our customer.”

  • More than two months of engineering time saved
  • Fast sensitivity problem detection within minutes
  • Achieved more than 10 dBm improved receiver sensitivity performance

About RBZ Embedded Logics

RBZ Embedded Logics is an engineering company founded in 2003. The company has extensive experience in the development of hardware and software solutions, with strong Know-how in the design of microprocessor and microcontroller systems and a focus on connected devices. Sevices include hardware design, prototype manufacturing, BSP development, application development, industrialization, and production.

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