New Multi-Lane Feature for Parallel Label Testing during Production

More convenient quality assurance of NFC and RAIN tag portfolio

CISC extends its Xplorer Inline products with a new multi-lane feature for high-speed production testing of RAIN or NFC labels in parallel to sort out weak performing tags more easily.

The new multi-lane feature for CISC´s NFC and RAIN Xplorer Inline is facing the challenge of label producers for quality assurance of multiple lanes during production without any speed reduction. It allows the parallel use and control of up to four Xplorer Inline devices from one controller computer. Automatic performance measurements and report generations of all lanes are possible without switching the lanes. Using more computers (or switches), 12 lanes for example can be tested overall. The test pass and fail information for each device is separate. Multiple test point definitions allow dual-frequency tag testing with various power levels advancing high-speed performance testing from 100k UPH by a factor of four.

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